Automatic High Sensitivity Poultry Nipple Drinker for Broiler Breeder Chicken Made in China

3000 Pieces
Automatic High Sensitivity Poultry Nipple Drinker for Broiler Breeder Chicken Made in China
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Technische Daten
Model Number: HXD-04
Application: Chicken drinking system
Type: Livestock
Color: Yellow/Red/Orange/White
Material: Stainless steel, Plastic
Lifespan: 25years
Feature: High Sensitivity
Pipes: Square & Round
Size: All size
Sample: Available
Usage: Chicken&Duck
Model Number: HXD-04
Zahlung und Versand AGB
Packaging Details: Carton or as customers' demand
Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Automatic poultry nipple drinker for broiler breeder chicken made in China

Features of our nipple drinker:

1. 360° water outlet & High sensitivity . Chicken can drink water from every side of the drinker . Once touching the steel clip, water will flow immediately and smoothly.

2. Easy to install and remove, easy to clean it, save the bonding cost.

3. Long life-span and durable. All parts is make of imported high-level stainless steel, high wear-resisting delrin and ASP engineering plastic. You can use for at least 20 years.

4. Low water pressure and scientific water flow design. That leads to water-saving and practical.

5. Low price. High standard material and production technique, but just less half of price than others.

6. No leakage and seepage, to ensure the chicken manure dry.

7. Hygeian and sanitary pipes, to prevent water from spreading disease.

8. Little space to take up , inceasing the feeding room for chicken.

9. High quality ganrantee. All drinkers will be checked before delivery to ensure the good qaulity

ItemSpring nipple drinkerSteel-ball nipple drinkerSteel-ball nipple drinker with drop cup
1.Stainless Steel Made
2.Never get rusty
3.Never leak, Saving water
4.Water falling smoothly
5.Nipple will not be blocked up
6.Easy to install and dismantle
7.No maintian cost
8.Long usage time
9.High strenght, corrosion resistance
UsagesGreat for broilers,layers,chicks,ducks and other game birds
Advantages1.Clean water---direct drinking for Chicken from nipple drinker,No spiling and soaking, like the original container style drinker, to make sure chicken can get clean,freshwater,which can avoid some bird diseases.
2.Save labor---connect with PVC pipe or water container,do not need to check the water condition very often,just need to make sure PVC pipe connect with water or the water container have water.
3.Easy for Chicken to use it---Bright red/yellow/orange design, attract to birds or chicken and the nipple drinker dispense a drip of water whenever they are pecked,they can avoid some birds diseases for chicken with playing.
4.Easy to clean for nipple,bacause of removable parts.
Specification1.Specification:Flux:30-50ml/min for egg chicken, 80-100ml/min for meat chicken
2.Material:ABS Plastic, Stainless steel
3.Automatic,ball valve 360 nipple drinker
4.Convenient and Durable
Instruction1.Make a hole using 11/12"drill bit at the bottom of PVC, bucket or other containers you find available
2.For use on this plastic re-used water bottle cap,5/16"drill bit may be appropriate
3.Wind some thread tape and then screw the nipple intothe hole
4.1 nipple for 2-3 birds
5.Water nipple drinker only work under low pressure(5.5psi or less) Do not connect directly to a garden hose(house water pressure is around 30 to 75 psi) If you want to have it connected directly to a garden hose then a water pressure regulator is required.Total lenght:about 5.6cm/2.24"


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